Greetings and Salutations from Naktaar DiNaam

As the time of your adulthood approaches your parents tell you that there is a letter that has been delivered by a winged magical beast that looked like a flying Hawk Lion. The letter which is written in your native language, “The great Naktaar DiNaam is requesting an audience with you on the day of your birth. An offer to attend the prestigious Academy of Tular awaits, please be prepared to leave shortly after his arrival.”

On your birthday a small group of travelers will enter your community, led by a human female. She is met by the community leaders and welcomed as a friend, after some small talk she is led to you. “I am Naktaar DiNaam, and I have looked forward to meeting you for some time now. I know you have many questions and I assure you they will all be answered in time. For many years now I have been an instructor at the Academy in Tular and I have instructed several young people such as yourself. At this school you will be treated to the finest teachers in all the lands, and with their knowledge you can go forth into the world and stake your own claim. What you do with your new found knowledge is a choice I leave to you. Will you become a traveled merchant known the world over, a slayer of magical creatures, a protector of the faewilds, a benevolent leader, or a cruel tyrant? The world is full of possibilities, all you have to do is come with us.” Without speaking another word the women gets up and leaves, an entourage waits outside to escort you.

Academy of Tular

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