Academy of Tular

Pi-Lot (or 3.141592)

From the Pages of Ris’Dare’s Dream Journal

My dearest journal. You know the ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of me. What would I do without you. We should get married! On second thought, I’m not really good with commitment. But then you knew that. Let’s settle for a promise ring. Sound good? Great!

If there is just one thing I’ve learned in life it’s ‘Never pass up Wings and Tacos Night at the pub’. Let’s be honest and admit that, while the meat isn’t always readily identifiable, everyone loves tacos and any meal that leaves a pile of bones behind. It makes me feel like a dragon that has just consumed it’s meal. That brings me to my second life lesson, ‘Never get bitten by a dragon’. It REALLY hurts!

The trip started like any other boring chore. We were to travel, by coach, to the houses of new-classmen, and bring them back to the Academy. yawn Ser Bergamont, Rio, JT, Geoff, Elven Wizard and I set out on (date here) and made quick time picking everyone up. Then, there is always a catch, one of the girls wasn’t home and had run away. Now I’m thinking ‘Okay, who’s next?’ Everyone else was all ‘OMFG Dare! We need to find her Dare!’ Next thing I know I’m sharing a delightful cup of tea and snacks with a rather shifty mother attempting to explain how they aren’t at fault for her running away.

Okay Journal. I know. I’m bored too. yawn Longest story short: JT gathered up the kids and rolled out while Rio, Geoff and I explored a Goblin Cave of Mystery. Inside this Cave of Mystery was a huge stack of mad l00t. We snatched up a whole bunch of it when it became apparent that this l00t was actually Dragon B00ty. Then a freakin’ dragon BIT ME! It hurt like nothing else. And left a bad-ass scar. This is gonna get me a lot of miles with the ladies!


From the journal of Ser Bergamot (aka a discarded napkin)

d*E*eR *J*uR*n*L

*P*rAZe AnDr*E*_w_!

Pi-Lot (or 3.141592)

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